Monday, May 30, 2016

Spring Evening Out

Prom Pictures First

Not my prom, but my oldest daughter and I was the photographer.  After pictures were taken and everyone was off to prom, it was time for a little dinner out.

Finally!  It's time to relax with my dear husband.  There's a spring snap in the air and it's slightly chilly at the beach, so I'm still layering it on.  The little dress is long sleeved, I bought it from a "cheap and cheerful" boutique in the marina.  My girlfriend, who is a costume designer, calls those little boutiques "cheap and cheerful" and says to always check them out because you never know what you might find, maybe something cheap and cheerful.

Old duster sweater is from American Apparel.  Ugh, why am I am wearing my Bandolier?  That wasn't a part of the outfit, so don't look at that...LOOK AT THE SHOES!

I am loving my new tan tassle shoes from Aldo. 

Notice how the color of the shoe matches the color of my leg, lengthening my short stubby legs?  Or at least, not cutting them in half.

 Also, they were rubbing high up on the back of my leg, so I brought along my trusty foot rub!!!!  And I did have to wear them a few times at night, before, at home, on the carpet, to break them in, before I knew I could wear them and not have to return them.

OMG, I absolutely loooooooooooooooooooove my Friction Block!!!!! 
(You are my secret weapon, what would I do without you?)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lunch Downtown


Whenever I plan on meeting up with my Mom from Pasadena, I try to make it a little more conservative, think pearls.

I should've worn the pearls, but at the last minute I felt it was too much with the collar, the tassle on the purse, the laces on the shoes...

It's still a little chilly, so layers.  The little black cotton sweater is old from Express, collared polo shirt is from Old Navy, jeans are from Hollister, and the belt from Herm├Ęs.

Purse from Coach and shoes (old) from Aldo.  I like mixing up high/low.  Old Navy, Target, and Forever 21 are great places to get key items and if the fit works for your silhouette, then stick with that brand.  I have also found that the companies use the same dies year after year, so if you buy an item last year, it will probably work well with pieces this year.

And here's a picture of my lunch date.  Isn't my Mom stylish?  She's rocking the "column" rule, with same color top and pants and contrasting jacket over, creating a column...slimming.  Growing up, she always had crazy high heels...
That's future me! 

You look great, Mom!  (Thanks for letting me post a pix, I love you!) 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Rock and Roll


I have a daughter in a band and I don't want to look frumpy for her gig.

This look works well with my silhouette.  
The tones of the tank top and jeans are similar and the little black jacket lengthens my short body by creating a "tall column" and not cutting my frame in half. 

The little black moto jacket is a custom jacket by  If I wear the moto jacket, I try to keep everything else simple and streamlined.  Moto jackets have become very popular and I've seen them everywhere.  They are becoming a classic staple.  Tank top is from Target, jeans by Hollister and boots by Rag and Bone, but I saw an almost EXACT pair from Toms at a more reasonable price.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Running Errands...

Bank, Post Office, Grocery Store

With the internet, it's easy and tempting to stay inside, but with such a beautiful day, it's necessary to get out.

It's Spring, so it's nice and sunny, but still a little chilly.  My go-to outfit is skinny jeans (Hollister), layered roomy cotton sweater (old from Express), and booties.  No make-up, so sunglasses (cheap and cheerful from Target).

Gotta free the little piggies...'cus, it's Spring!!!

Booties from Steve Madden, oooooooooo I need a pedicure! (Don't look)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring Forward

Sometimes just a pop of color is all that is needed...

Spring is in the air, but the weather is still a little chilly, so that means pants and long shirt. Lunch with my bestie deserves pulling out the heels and purse, so a pop of color is in order.

(Old) chambry shirt is from Old Navy and white skinny jeans are from Hollister.  I have to ask them to get the short ones from the back.  I've tried on many, many jeans and found that these fit my silhouette.

Behind the scenes in Hollywood, the Costume Designer will talk about the actor or actess' silhouette.  This just means the outline of the costume of the particular character that the actor or actress is playing.  Find the "silhouette" that best flatters your body and stick to it.  I am short, I have short legs and a short torso with no waist, so skinny jeans, blousey top, high heels is my silhouette.

Shoes by Lipstik off of  Purse by Louis Vuitton.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Match Your Shoe to the Hem of Your Pants

To really lengthen your leg

Fake leather pants (leggings) from American Apparel with dark shoes, (old) from Nine West really makes my short legs look longer.

Layers, layers, 'cus it's breezy in the shade and warm in the sun.  The sheer collared blouse takes the edge off of the "leather" leggings.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Tools of the Trade

The Right Tool for the Job

Between the hot flashes and the cool weather, light weight layers are in order.  

A styling secret is to wear dark color pants and similar dark color top, then lighter color sweater.  It elongates the body.  I'm short, 5' 2", so this trick fools the eye and makes me look taller or at least not shorter.

An alternative is to wear light color pants and light color top, then dark color sweater (or shirt or jacket).  The point is to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and BE COMFORTABLE.  I have no waist, short legs and a pouch for a it obvious here?  No, because you were distracted by the shoes, am I right?

Tank top from Target.  Light weight sweater from H&M (multiple colors available).  Jeans from Hollister.  Old shoes from Aldo.  Bandolier cross body phone holder keeps my ID and debit card, so I hardly ever carry a purse.

Now for some tools of the trade.  Every wardrobe department on every Hollywood set has these little tools.

Sometimes your belt needs a hole punched right in between the two sizes, a leather punch will do the job.  Any craft store will carry it.  A good, reliable and dedicated pair of scissors is a must.  They don't have to be this size, but they do have to be available, sharp and dedicated for the job.  Tags, snags and front pockets in white jeans have to go and scissors are necessary in a pinch.  A travel sewing kit is a girl's best friend.  You can pick one up at the grocery store and it will come in handy when you least expect it.  And then, last but not least is wig tape.  It was invented to keep wigs on the tender skin of a bald head, for a long time, like all day, so keeping bra straps or button-up shirts in place is exactly what this does.

This is the wig tape which is the industry standard.  It's called Vapon Top Stick Mens Grooming Tape.  It can be found on-line, but I found the "Hollywood Tape" at Old Navy and JoAnns Fabrics.  It's how J.Lo kept that green dress in place.

Starting to Feel Like Spring Again

Dressing for the weather

It's May in Hollywood and that means May Grey...or is it May Gray?  It's cool and overcast until noon, then the sun peaks out for a few hours, but it's still sweater.

The sun was setting and time was running out, I threw on the light sweater from H&M (it comes in every color) and snapped some pix.

Unfortunately, the nice white cap sleeve blouse is bunchy underneath the light sweater.  It's super flowy and looked great on it's own.  It's old from Express.  
Suede Newbury boots by Rag and Bone.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Nude Shoes Lengthen Legs

Running around...

T.G.I.F. Gotta get stuff done for the weekend...

I worked with Suzanne Sommers and she always wore shoes that matched her skin tone.  She said they lengthened her legs and she has amazing legs.  

This little dress was perfect for throwing on and running around.  It fit my requirements: V-neck, no buttons up the front to futz with, and military sleeves to roll up and get stuff done.  Also, it has a slight hi-lo, so that the back of the dress was a little bit longer.

I slept with my hair in a bun and then just threw it up in a ponytail with a tortoise shell clip, so that it looked bouncy.  Okay, Hollywood secret:  Band-Aid Friction Block.  I always have it with me, especially if I haven't worn the shoes in a while.  Prevention is the best medicine and I use this anywhere and everywhere shoes pinch or rub.

Never have a blister on the red carpet again!! Never!

Available at CVS and on-line at

Coach bag (old) and cheap plastic shoes from the mall (they are so comfy)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bloom where you are planted

72 degrees and sunny

Well, when I see the gardenia bush starting to bloom, I know that summer is right 
around the corner.

Running around, again, today.  White jeans are awesome and I like to wear them all summer long.  These are the rock star jeans from Old Navy, I also like the white skinny jeans from Hollister.  It took a lot of trying on different sized jeans from different companies until I found a pair that I liked on my short legs.  Okay, Hollywood secret:  cut out the front pockets of your white jeans.  Sometimes I sew them up after cutting the pocket out, but mostly I just tuck them flat, no one can tell.
 You don't need them and they add bulk...cut them out! 

I never mind white jeans because you can bleach the heck out of them if they ever get dirty.

Shoes by Aldo (old)

I did see these sweet lace up sandals from Aldo called Lali.

Okay, Hollywood secret:  Wet Ones.  

I always carry a small pack with me, it works wonders on a smudge on your clothes...especially on white...especially with kids!  Wardrobe uses them all the time on set.  ALL THE TIME.  

It is part of the tools of the trade because they work.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May Grey

It's still a little chilly in L.A.

Well, it's May Grey in L.A. and a little chilly at the beach. It's sweater weather and the only way to go is to layer, layer, layer. 

My go-to outfit is skinny jeans and big top.  No purse, I just put everything in my little bandolier (the cell phone holder @

Suede Newbury Booties by Rag and Bone

I look nothing like the nice Bandolier model, but I really, really, really love my Bandolier.  I use it ALL the time...sometimes I even sleep with it...(earthquake country) and I never, ever, ever lose my phone!

I like the studded strap on her Bandolier, but below is the one I use.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Bare legs

Monochromatic Mother's Day

Well, it was a nice day, a little warmer and I wanted to show my legs.  Keep in mind, this blog is a work in progress and some outfits I may regret, but here goes...


I thought I looked nice, I felt good.  The family went out to brunch, it was a little windy, but the sun felt good on my legs and I was able to wear a black tank top under the light weight long sleeve top.  It had the option to roll up the sleeves, but since there was enough skin showing, I left the sleeves long.  The straw leopard clutch purse is old from H/M.


The shoes are Aldo, but I have been seeing this style everywhere.  It's a "copy" of Stuart Weitzman's nudist shoe.  I found Aldo fits my foot and the sizes remain true to size, so I have them in a few other colors.


I think I probably could have used a statement necklace, but I'm loving my little pearl front/back earrings..

Monochromatic Dressing

6 May 2016

Monochromatic Dressing

Went to lunch with the girls.  It was a sunny day, but a little windy and chilly.  I started with the peep-toe booties by Steve Madden and worked my way up.  I'm short (5' 2") so monochromatic dressing works for my silhouette.  Living in Los Angeles you can get away with wearing white year round.

The sheer white blouse works well over a thick white cotton tank top.  I chose the clutch purse to bookend the color of the booties and the color of my hair.