Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Meet Saumya and her great brain


A big thank you to Catherine Grace O'Connell whose vision to bring these two diverse demographics together is realized in this awesome campaign called "Bridging the Gap".

Mother, wife, and savvy businesswoman

One hundred Mid-lifers and one hundred Millennials are paired up to discover what it is that we have in common and what it is that makes us different.

How fortunate am I, then, to be a partnered with clever Saumya in this campaign!  She is like a gift, beautifully wrapped, mysterious on the inside, and open to anyone willing to discover.

Saumya customized her pumps by adding the pom

Don't mistake her soft feminine beauty for weakness.  I am discovering how fearless Saumya is. After revealing her desire to attend this years NewYorkFashionWeek...she made it happen.  She had a shoe design in mind and what did she do?  She realized her vision.

She designed these shoes!

She makes powerful memories for her family with love, cooking, and time.  She passionately honors her husband during Karwa Chauth by fasting the entire day to pray for the safety and longevity of her spouse.  Saumya, I forgot to tell you what an awesome mother you are. Your beautiful daughter will take the memories of afternoon tea parties with Mom, complete with cloth napkins and real china, with her for the rest of her life.

Yes, you did that.

I have learned that the future looks bright in the hands of Saumya.  (She's so smart and gorgeous)!

Sunny would be a good word to describe Saumya.

What I have learned from this campaign and from my partner....
The youth of today is weaned on the internet, information at their fingertips, and amazing digital games.  It's important to work together to find the "key to the next level" or the "secret menu" at Starbuck's, so it's no surprise that teamwork comes naturally in practical settings.  Because curiosity and discovery are second nature, Millennials don't like to be bombarded with a lot of information. They can and will find the answer, they know how to problem solve.

Saumya, you taught me patience and teamwork with your kindness, you taught me how to celebrate beauty with your blog and IG feed,  and you taught me that persistence and determination will get you where you need to go.

My hope for the other 99 Mid-lifers and 99 Millennials is a similar experience.  Maybe, with a
little acceptance and understanding, we can blur boundaries and learn a thing or two
from our counterparts.

Life Lesssons
Don't come from a place of fear.
Be patient, everything comes to you at the right time.
Listen to others
Be a Content Creator

like high heels and wine
gluten free
both struggle with body image

I'm old?