Monday, February 19, 2018



February always feels like a good month for appreciation.  It's Black History Month and I love hearing inspirational stories especially about fierce influencers, the artistic trailblazers who were courageously following their passion.  

Thank you.


Claudine is from the land down under, but her fierceness is puts her right on top.  She is not one to shy away from an awesome pair of sunglasses and knows what looks good on her.  She is bold and fierce and the kindest badass you will ever find.  If I have one ounce of the fierceness she possesses, then I am fiercely happy.  She will make you smile.  Thank you, Claudine for being a fierce influencer today and everyday.  You inspire me.


Gina is one of my fierce neighbors from Canada.  She reminds me of the awesome neighbor that has great parties upstairs!  Gina loves her core of lifelong friends and always has something nice to say, whether about her mother-in-law or an inspirational quote to lift you up.  She lives life with a determined fierceness.  Thank you, Gina for being a fierce influencer.  
You inspire me.


Do I have a favorite fierce influencer?  That's like asking if you have a favorite child. Since Dee does not have kids, I feel it's fair to say I am certainly influenced by Dee's fierceness.  Dee has evolved into a true authentic influencer, by living a chosen life.  A life of intention.  Who can truly say they live by their inner essence?  Dee can.  I love you, Dee.  Thank you for being a fierce influencer.  You inspire me. 


Nancy lives on the East Coast with her husband and kids.  She is concerned about the youth of today and even taught a personal finance class.  I love her sense of humor, green thumb, and her love of family.  Thank you, Nancy for being a fierce influencer.  You inspire me.


Julie is from California, but has moved to the gorgeous Fidalgo Island in the Northwest.  She first caught my attention with her gorgeous Southern California decorating style.  I love to check her site to see how she has placed a plant, set a table, or embraced the season in her home.  She has no idea how talented and adorable she is.  Thank you, Julie for being a fierce influencer.  You inspire me.



Kiki is a mom's best motivator, fitness trainer, wellness coach, Jesus follower, and married to an amazing man.  She will inspire you with every posted picture.  Each post is well thought out and each packs a punch.  Just looking at Kiki will tell you she is doing something right.  Here she is getting ready for summer!  I wish I had that forsight!  Get your daily dose of inspiration from Kiki's Instagram feed.  Thank you, Kiki for being a fierce influencer.  You inspire me.

50 fit and fiery

You will love her.  50 fit and fiery is the perfect name for a 50 fit and fierce influencer.  She is into group fitness, healthy eating, silliness and wine...oh and everything in moderation.  She is a weightloss coach and will inspire you with her love of laughter and fun inspirational quotes.  Thank you for being a fierce influencer.  You inspire me.

Tranquility Beach Girl

Do you need a moment?  Then visit the Instagram page of Tranquility Beach Girl and be swept away by the gorgeous perspective of this fierce influencer.  If there is no time for a Calgone Bath, then feast your eyes on the lovely images on her feed.  I am never disappointed and you won't be either.  Escaping to tranquility is always a good idea.  So is promoting going the extra's never crowded.  She will inspire you too.  Thank you for being a fierce influencer.  You inspire me.

And finally, I want to thank Catherine Grace O'Connell for putting this campaign together.  Funny how a middle name can fully encompass a human being.  You are my inspiration by your kindness, gratitude, and patience.  Catherine is all about helping her fellow woman and bringing about a change to the face of midlife.  I always know that she has a kind word to say about everyone.  Can you imagine a world that embraces this kind of scandal?  Wouldn't it be nice if we could have "Forever Fierce Day" everyday?  

Thank you, Catherine for inspiring me.


  1. What a fabulous idea!! A forever fierce moment everyday. Because we probably should reflect on what makes us all fierce even if it's just for a moment daily!!
    What a great showcase of people here, Julie!! Truly amazing just like yourself!!

  2. Julie, what a beautiful post! Your gratitude for the fierce and inspiring women in your life is so moving and heartfelt. I also have an immense appreciation and huge amount of gratitude for Catherine as well. She is leading us all to places that I never thought possible! Thank you both for all of your support on this midlife journey.


  3. ❤️loved your post Julie! Amazing and inspiring and forever fierce~

  4. Julie, Loved reading about all of your FIERCE woman! Each is beautifully unique! Happy Forever Fierce Day!

    Julie xo
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  5. What an amazing post! I loved reading about each and every fierce woman!