Monday, May 8, 2017

Taking Care of Your Sheepskin Rug

And making it last a long time...

Did you know that if you take care of your sheepskin rug, it can last twenty years?  Did you also know that you can wash your sheepskin rug?  How about you can wash your sheepskin rug IN YOUR WASHING MACHINE?!!!!

Betcha didn't know that! 

You'll need these two products:

Sheepskin Rug Brush and Sheepskin Shampoo
(both items available on-line)
Put your rug in the washing machine on delicate cycle and follow
the directions on how much sheepskin shampoo to use.

It really came out white.
I put it outside to drip dry for the better part of the day. 
After it was just damp, I stuck it in the dryer on the lowest
heat setting and removed it an hour later.
That was easy.

The hard part was brushing out all the little curls.  You really have
to fold the rug back on itself to expose the roots in order to brush in 
quick little strokes and make the rug fluffy again.
You can see the left side is brushed and fluffy...

The brush didn't pull off much of the fur, 
so if your rug is falling apart, it may be too old to save.  
Sheepskin rugs have a shelf life of about twenty years...if you take care of it.  
The Sheepskin Shampoo kept the hide soft and conditioned, did a great job of cleaning it and made the rug look brand new again.