Monday, December 11, 2017

My Favorite Things

The Holidaze are upon us as the shoppers rush home with their treasures.  I like the feeling and the smells of the holidays, I just don't like the stress that comes with the shopping, the parking, and the crowds of pushy people.

That being said, I would like to highlight some items you can order right where you are, in your jammies in front of the computer.  Hopefully, these will make the season bright by ordering on-line and shipping right to your doorstep.

I love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree and Scentsicles ornaments will put anyone immediately in the Holiday spirit.
O' Christmas Tree by Scentsicles

And under $15, you can't afford NOT to hang a few of these in your tree as well so your entire home will smell like a Louisiana Pine Forest.  Really.  Make sure it's the "O' Christmas Tree", there are others, but this one smells the best.  
Amazon link here: Scentsicles O' Christmas Tree. 

The Cocktail Shaker Lip Gloss

Lancome makes this whimsical and effective lip gloss.  I love the little shimmers in the gloss and it makes a fun impact as a gift for one of your girlfriends.  This color is called "Boom Meringue" #313

Lots of other awesome messages too!

Mugs from Target!  They are the perfect size for hot chocolate, they stack, and the messages are awesome.  And at $5.99, it's a super nice way to tell all the people in your life that you care.  Check out the complete messages.  Link here:  Clay Art Stackable Mugs

...and it will NOT stain your teeth.
This is a Hollywood secret for public speakers and actress' to tint their gums pink making their teeth look super white. It's the perfect gift for that someone longing for the perfect smile.  Under $20.  Link here: Email Diamant Red Toothpaste

Soft and snuggly is the gift you are giving.

Pier One is having a big sale and if you are stuck as to what to give a loved one, this beautiful Snow Leopard Throw is the perfect solution.  It is soft and faux fur on one side and soft suede-like on the other.  The neutral colors will blend in well on anyone's couch and lap and who doesn't want to feel like a "Fierce" snow leopard in winter? 
On sale now $33. Link here: Faux Fur Snow Leopard Throw

For the techie in your life: a subscription to  What is  It is the most comprehensive site to find tutorials by qualified professionals there to explain, in the simplest of terms, how to: work a camera, learn photoshop, how to build a website, how to make creative content.  Basically, anything that has to do with a computer or apps.  The monthly subscription is $25.  That's unlimited access to all the information on all of your devices, so learn while waiting in line or at midnight when the house is quiet.  Oh, and if you don't like the teaching style of one professor, there are more choices!  You can subscribe one month and then not again for three months, then back for a month, there are no commitments and there is a trial to test if you like before you buy.  Link here:

Amazon Prime.  This is the gift that keeps on giving.  At about $8.25 a month (a yearly subscription costs $99) it is worth every penny if you do a lot of shopping on-line.  I have cat and dog food delivered because it's hard to find in stores, but easy on Amazon.  Two-day guaranteed free delivery is the hook, but really, Amazon Prime has so many other features that even if you don't shop on-line a lot, it's still worth it!  Amazon is coming up in the world of film making and their streaming content comes with the subscription.  Also, "cloud" storage.  I take a lot of pictures that are huge files, so having the storage through Amazon keeps them off my computer and keeps the computer running better.  Shopping for basics like t-shirts and socks is so easy, just click away and two days later you have the items.  No jockeying for a parking space, no looking through the shops, no lost receipt if you want to return the item.  Amazon has the easiest return policy.  If you love someone, this is the ultimate gift of time.  Link here:

I hope this helps and you are able to enjoy the Holidays the way they were meant to be celebrated, home, hearth, community.  Take a moment to realize that today is your gift, that's why it's called "The Present."

I hope this finds you well.

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  1. Such great ideas!! But I never wait until the last moment---yeah, right!! Ha ha!!