Monday, March 20, 2017

Tools of the Trade Part 1

The Right Tool for the Job

Sometimes, when you are climbing a mountain, it's good to turn around and see 
how far you have come and enjoy the view.

My New Year's Resolution is to shop my closet.  I am actually surprising myself and doing really, well.  I did purchase a pair of rain boots because the other ones took a turn for the worse, and it was raining, and cold, and the wet toes thing wasn't working for me and the rain wasn't about to stop.

(Old sweater, t-shirt, boots..they did keep my toes warm and dry)

One thing I am realizing, is that I have some great clothing in my closet!  Probably, the reason that the item sits, unworn, in the closet, is maybe a missing button, or the neck is scratchy because of a tag, or the item needs to be hemmed.  I am rediscovering the tools that I see the wardrobe gals keep with them at all times on set.

*The leather punch is great to make your belts fits perfectly.  
*A good pair of dedicated wardrobe scissors for cutting out scratchy tags(or all tags)! 
Don't be using it for kitchen or office items. Wardrobe only! 
Don't tell your kids where they are either.
*Fashion Tape, it's great for that pesky button-up blouse that plays peek-a-boo.
*Travel sewing kit, because sometimes it's nice to have it already threaded.
*Lint roller There's a white cat hair with your name on it.
*A good tailor It's their job to make you look good.

I am not saying that my New Year's Resolution is over.  I'm having fun seeing how far I can go shopping my closet.  In fact, I have discovered that maybe, just maybe, the 
destination isn't the reward, but the journey.

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  1. I had to come and check out your blog. Its lovely. Its great to shop your closet. I should do more of it. :) KandidlyKim