Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday Morning Casual

The Weekend

Usually, I spend the weekend around the house.

So, naturally, it's very casual.  I love the look and casual feel of a kimono.

This, is not, a kimono.  It is a scarf that I tied (you can see the knots) and tucked into the neck of my workout top.

I have even ventured out in this and got a bunch of compliments!  Isn't it gorgeous!?

It's by the artist, Sigal Cohen Wolkowiez:
This scarf has a name: La Mancha
I liked it because it reminds me of the "evil eye" and we could all use a little help!
Check out all the beautiful products she has.

Enjoy your weekend and leave a comment if you please.  What do you wear when lounging around the house on a casual weekend?

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