Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Thank God It's Friday

Wait,  It's Wednesday.

So, I got to time travel a bit, I feel like I just gained two extra days.

Except it's not Friday.  I woke up this morning thinking it was and the whole morning was discombobulated.  So, boyfriend jeans...make it work with some heels.

I'm standing in the middle of old New York street on the studio backlot.  Good thing you can't see the doors, because there aren't any doorknobs.  When a movie shoots back there, the decorator provides all the "dressing", like the doorknobs, the porch lights, the mailbox, etc.  It's not very interesting without the dressing...kind of like women.
Shoes from Aldo.

They came in black and burgundy too.

The Amy Purse (medium) by Salvatore Ferragamo...I added the poof.

I hope this finds you happy and healthy and you enjoy your Friday.

Wednesday! :D


  1. Love those shoes! It's fun to hear about the details of life on the movie set. Sounds like you have an interesting job!!

  2. Julie..thank you so much for my gift..and that bandaid stuff! I loved it all and I already used the fashion tape in a photo shoot! I adore you and I can not wait to meet up with you again! If you would like to zip up here for a weekend, you have a place to stay!