Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Sales 

Smells like Fall, yes?  No?

This little blouse was on sale at Banana Republic.  It covers the back of my arms and is light and airy, perfect for the last days of summer.

The stores are selling pumpkin spice everything and even Starbucks got on the bandwagon and launched the Pumpkin Spiced Latte early this year!  Is it time to pull out the booties and scarves?  Kids are back in school here in SoCal, and it's a slippery slope until Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then the New Year...the New Year!!!!  Slow down...time to transitition.
Suede booties by Rag and Bone.  I found a pair by Toms that look almost identical.

Distressed jeans from Hollister...okay, ONE little hole and you can't see my skin...
Target belt.  Necklace by Kendra Scott from Bloomingdales.  It came in lots of colors...

Okay, maybe a few more holes, but NO skin!  :D

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  1. You can never go wrong with this classic combination of white tee, jeans, and taupe booties! Such a great look!