Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gingham Again?

Is that gingham again?

Is that gingham?

Yes.  It is.  Gingham is so easy breezy to wear for hot summer work days.

White jeans are really easy to wear!!
Hollywood Secret: Wet Ones.

Yes.  Wet Ones.  Wardrobe people have them ON THEIR PERSON at all times when on-set, because actors are messy people.  Okay, maybe that's not nice to messy people.  Actors are normal and sometimes normal people spill on themselves and this product works.  The other day I was wearing white jeans and spilled mustard during lunch.  I took pictures of the miracle that are Wet Ones.

I carry them with me at all times when I am wearing white.

On my way!

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  1. Oh wow...I just bought some of them but didn't realize that they were good for stains. Hooray!!