Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday Style Inspiration

White Jeans Grey Shirt

Pop of color...

Thank Goodness for the beautiful women that put themselves out there and inspire the rest of us.  Some days, my brain is DEAD and if I can get an idea for dinner or a better way to hack through life or an inspiration to shop my closet, well, the better I am for it.

Isn't she wonderful?  She's from Seattle...DressCoriLynn.com. I appreciate her style and check her blog almost every day.  It seems she just has it together, right?  And then, I read her blog the other day...check it out...DressCoriLynn.com...and she said that some days she wonders why she does it...okay, maybe I'm not CoriLynn and certainly she does not dress like a woman over 50, but her style is classic, ageless, and elegant...the perfect inspiration. 

So, while I am not the perfect CoriLynn, maybe I can be the best ME. 
(Thank you DressCoriLynn.com, you are my style inspiration and made my life just a little easier getting dressed today...)

Bloom where you are planted.

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