Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What to Wear to Casual Dinner Out with Husband

When it's a little chilly in the evening...

At the beach, it's my favorite thing to do is dine outside with a fire nearby. Today I am linking up with Tania on Wednesday’s Wardrobe.

This lightweight cashmere sweater is soft to the touch and light enough for the summer season.  I wanted to be casual, but a little soft and flirty for my husband of 20 years.  Hollywood secret: Whenever you are wearing white, make sure your undergarments match the color of your skin...I did NOT follow that helpful hint and you can see my tank top (from Target) under the nice sweater (old) from Bloomingdales.  In Hollywood, the wardrobe ladies carry with them, in their on-set kit, a fabric de-fuzzer.  I use one on my sweaters because the cashmere tends to ball and pill and fuzz.  A sweater de-fuzzer is affordable, you can order on-line, and it will keep your expensive sweaters looking new for a long time...use it!

White scalloped shorts from Macy's 

Hollywood secret: match the shoe to your skin tone to lengthen your legs.  I have at least a few pair of "nude" shoes for all different occasions.  If my legs are showing, I'm wearing shoes to lengthen my short, short legs.

After a few margaritas...

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