Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What to Wear to Lunch at Nobu

With my girlfriends...

I want to be comfortable.  Nobu is super casual, but definitely a celeb hotspot.

Navy stripes say beach to me and Nobu restaurant is right on the beach...in fact, if you go in the daytime, it's much better to see the crashing waves.  At night, it's too dark.  

Sand colored suede shoes by Steve Madden...they come in lots of colors. My legs are short, so I wear heels similar to the color of my legs, making them look longer than they are.

I wore the long statement necklace to define my top a little better 
and not look so "barrel chested".
Striped shirt is old from Old Navy.  White shorts are Maison Jules from Macys.

The "Amy" purse (medium) by Salvatore Ferragamo available at Bloomingdales.

Wear a hat, because it gets sunny on the patio.  This day, Robin Thicke was behind us, of course, I did not take a picture of him and his hot girlfriend.

The sliders are good, apparently, but I absolutely loooooove the yellowtail with jalepeƱo!!

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