Monday, May 9, 2016

Bare legs

Monochromatic Mother's Day

Well, it was a nice day, a little warmer and I wanted to show my legs.  Keep in mind, this blog is a work in progress and some outfits I may regret, but here goes...


I thought I looked nice, I felt good.  The family went out to brunch, it was a little windy, but the sun felt good on my legs and I was able to wear a black tank top under the light weight long sleeve top.  It had the option to roll up the sleeves, but since there was enough skin showing, I left the sleeves long.  The straw leopard clutch purse is old from H/M.


The shoes are Aldo, but I have been seeing this style everywhere.  It's a "copy" of Stuart Weitzman's nudist shoe.  I found Aldo fits my foot and the sizes remain true to size, so I have them in a few other colors.


I think I probably could have used a statement necklace, but I'm loving my little pearl front/back earrings..

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