Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring Forward

Sometimes just a pop of color is all that is needed...

Spring is in the air, but the weather is still a little chilly, so that means pants and long shirt. Lunch with my bestie deserves pulling out the heels and purse, so a pop of color is in order.

(Old) chambry shirt is from Old Navy and white skinny jeans are from Hollister.  I have to ask them to get the short ones from the back.  I've tried on many, many jeans and found that these fit my silhouette.

Behind the scenes in Hollywood, the Costume Designer will talk about the actor or actess' silhouette.  This just means the outline of the costume of the particular character that the actor or actress is playing.  Find the "silhouette" that best flatters your body and stick to it.  I am short, I have short legs and a short torso with no waist, so skinny jeans, blousey top, high heels is my silhouette.

Shoes by Lipstik off of  Purse by Louis Vuitton.

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