Monday, May 16, 2016

Tools of the Trade

The Right Tool for the Job

Between the hot flashes and the cool weather, light weight layers are in order.  

A styling secret is to wear dark color pants and similar dark color top, then lighter color sweater.  It elongates the body.  I'm short, 5' 2", so this trick fools the eye and makes me look taller or at least not shorter.

An alternative is to wear light color pants and light color top, then dark color sweater (or shirt or jacket).  The point is to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and BE COMFORTABLE.  I have no waist, short legs and a pouch for a it obvious here?  No, because you were distracted by the shoes, am I right?

Tank top from Target.  Light weight sweater from H&M (multiple colors available).  Jeans from Hollister.  Old shoes from Aldo.  Bandolier cross body phone holder keeps my ID and debit card, so I hardly ever carry a purse.

Now for some tools of the trade.  Every wardrobe department on every Hollywood set has these little tools.

Sometimes your belt needs a hole punched right in between the two sizes, a leather punch will do the job.  Any craft store will carry it.  A good, reliable and dedicated pair of scissors is a must.  They don't have to be this size, but they do have to be available, sharp and dedicated for the job.  Tags, snags and front pockets in white jeans have to go and scissors are necessary in a pinch.  A travel sewing kit is a girl's best friend.  You can pick one up at the grocery store and it will come in handy when you least expect it.  And then, last but not least is wig tape.  It was invented to keep wigs on the tender skin of a bald head, for a long time, like all day, so keeping bra straps or button-up shirts in place is exactly what this does.

This is the wig tape which is the industry standard.  It's called Vapon Top Stick Mens Grooming Tape.  It can be found on-line, but I found the "Hollywood Tape" at Old Navy and JoAnns Fabrics.  It's how J.Lo kept that green dress in place.

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