Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bloom where you are planted

72 degrees and sunny

Well, when I see the gardenia bush starting to bloom, I know that summer is right 
around the corner.

Running around, again, today.  White jeans are awesome and I like to wear them all summer long.  These are the rock star jeans from Old Navy, I also like the white skinny jeans from Hollister.  It took a lot of trying on different sized jeans from different companies until I found a pair that I liked on my short legs.  Okay, Hollywood secret:  cut out the front pockets of your white jeans.  Sometimes I sew them up after cutting the pocket out, but mostly I just tuck them flat, no one can tell.
 You don't need them and they add bulk...cut them out! 

I never mind white jeans because you can bleach the heck out of them if they ever get dirty.

Shoes by Aldo (old)

I did see these sweet lace up sandals from Aldo called Lali.

Okay, Hollywood secret:  Wet Ones.  

I always carry a small pack with me, it works wonders on a smudge on your clothes...especially on white...especially with kids!  Wardrobe uses them all the time on set.  ALL THE TIME.  

It is part of the tools of the trade because they work.

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