Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May Grey

It's still a little chilly in L.A.

Well, it's May Grey in L.A. and a little chilly at the beach. It's sweater weather and the only way to go is to layer, layer, layer. 

My go-to outfit is skinny jeans and big top.  No purse, I just put everything in my little bandolier (the cell phone holder @

Suede Newbury Booties by Rag and Bone

I look nothing like the nice Bandolier model, but I really, really, really love my Bandolier.  I use it ALL the time...sometimes I even sleep with it...(earthquake country) and I never, ever, ever lose my phone!

I like the studded strap on her Bandolier, but below is the one I use.

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