Monday, May 30, 2016

Spring Evening Out

Prom Pictures First

Not my prom, but my oldest daughter and I was the photographer.  After pictures were taken and everyone was off to prom, it was time for a little dinner out.

Finally!  It's time to relax with my dear husband.  There's a spring snap in the air and it's slightly chilly at the beach, so I'm still layering it on.  The little dress is long sleeved, I bought it from a "cheap and cheerful" boutique in the marina.  My girlfriend, who is a costume designer, calls those little boutiques "cheap and cheerful" and says to always check them out because you never know what you might find, maybe something cheap and cheerful.

Old duster sweater is from American Apparel.  Ugh, why am I am wearing my Bandolier?  That wasn't a part of the outfit, so don't look at that...LOOK AT THE SHOES!

I am loving my new tan tassle shoes from Aldo. 

Notice how the color of the shoe matches the color of my leg, lengthening my short stubby legs?  Or at least, not cutting them in half.

 Also, they were rubbing high up on the back of my leg, so I brought along my trusty foot rub!!!!  And I did have to wear them a few times at night, before, at home, on the carpet, to break them in, before I knew I could wear them and not have to return them.

OMG, I absolutely loooooooooooooooooooove my Friction Block!!!!! 
(You are my secret weapon, what would I do without you?)

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