Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Back to Work Outfit

Back on the backlot

I had to head in to work today to pick up and drop off a few things and thought it would be a good opportunity to snap some pictures on the back lot.

I started with white jeans, because it's official, I can wear white!!!!  I love white jeans, but they can make me look like I have a squatty, no bueƱo.  I am using the column rule to lengthen the silhouette.  White top, white pants and contrasting blazer.

When I am on the lot, I am in work mode so I have to dress a little more professional, but I like an unexpected pop and the leopard print shoes make the outfit fun.  Shoes (old) by Steve Madden.  I have found that if a particular shoe designer's pattern fits your foot, it will remain true to size for other designs...for years.  
Steve Madden is my go-to shoe for price, size and style.

Black blazer is from Banana Republic.  White jeans are the Rock Star jeans from Old Navy and I just turned them under at the hem for a more polished look.  
White sleeveless top is from Express.  

After running around on the lot, visiting with folks, I was soooooooo hungry, so I stopped at Micky D's on my way back home for a grilled chicken snack wrap with hot mustard...bad move, because it dripped all over my nice white pants and I still had a few stops to go before I got home.  Grrrrr.

Luckily, I had my big purse with my Friction Block (and I used it since I had not worn those shoes for a while) and a package of Wet Ones.  I had to take pictures (I pulled over first) to show the miracle of Wet Ones.  There is still a small spot (after), and that will come out in the wash, but doesn't it look SOOOO much better?  At least there wasn't a big yellow spot on the front of my jeans when I still had a few more stops.

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  1. Another great outfit! I have white jeans and hadn't thought about doing the column of color b/c for some reason I was thinking that it had to be a dark color. Duh! Thanks for the reminder!