Wednesday, June 15, 2016

White Blouse White Jeans

Casual Lunch

When I'm with my bestie, I don't have to worry about sticky fingers, tantrums (maybe), or spilled juice (maybe wine).

I love wearing white in the summer when I know there will be no up keep issues.  I chose a loose fitting top, no collar, to pair with the tight skinny jeans.  Wardrobe tip: mix up the tight/loose silhouette, for example...if I'm wearing loose pants, then form fitting top...if I'm wearing form fitting pants or skirt, then I'm wearing a loose top (like this outfit).

White blouse by Rachel Roy from Macy's.  White Rock Star jeans from Old Navy.  Straw leopard print clutch (old) from H&M.  Caterina tasseled heels from Aldo (I tucked the top tassel up under the pants because they were bothering me).

...and then, anytime I am wearing white, I have my trusted Wet Ones with me.  Those Wet Ones are the standard on any movie set used by wardrobe...because it works!!!  For some reason, that particular formula wipes any smudge, dirt or spill AWAY!!  

...and then I always have Friction Block with me, because I love shoes and I hate blisters. 

 Rub this on your foot anywhere there is a pinch, rub, or tightness.  
Prevention is the best medicine!

Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become second nature, second nature becomes character and character becomes destiny.

Think positive! :D

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