Thursday, June 16, 2016

Striped Shirt

What to wear to your physical

Tiny room, tiny gown, tons of questions, and an appointment to come back for a colonoscopy (it's recommended after 50 and I'm 3 years past due). Ugh.

Be grateful.

Be comfortable.

Striped shirt by Ralph Lauren (old).  
Jeggings from Hollister, the front pockets are already sewn up, and the fabric is super duper soft.  I get them in the "short" or "S" size, 'cus I'm 5'2".  
Black peep toe booties lengthen the leg by matching the color of the shoe to the hem of the pant. (Google Prince and check out how he always wore shoes that matched the color of his pants...he was short and paid a professional stylist...he looked good, right?).

I love my bandolier!!!  It holds my phone, I.D. and ATM card.

Be bold.

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