Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer 2016 Casual Work Outfit

White Blouse Blue Jeans

Throw on a pair of jeans and go...

A white sheer white blouse is perfect for hot summer days when it's hot outside, but cool inside where it's air-conditioned.  It's a polished look paired with jeans and block heel shoes.

Tan suede block heel shoes by Steve Madden.  

With wisdom, comes a few (okay, a lot) of grey hairs.  There are lots of root touch-up products out there, but the one I have seen used on-set the most,
is a product called Color Wow.

It comes in every shade and it's so easy to apply.  It's a little brush and powder and it works until you can color permanently.

Color Wow.  Wow. It works on dark hair really well.  Available on-line.

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