Thursday, June 23, 2016

Casual Summer Work Day

What to wear on a hot summer day when the air conditioning is blasting..

Basically, layers work, and I rely on the column rule...same color top and bottom and contrasting layer over, in this case the light weight, grey cardigan.

Inside, it's cool and the lighting is terrible.  Light weight cardigan is from H&M.  There were lots of choices of colors.  I got it in grey, black and blue.  Jeans by Hollister.  Tank top and sunglasses from Target, so reasonable for core pieces.  Black satchel (old) by Coach.

"Snakeskin" shoes (old) by Steve Madden, they pick up the color of the grey cardigan pulling the look together.

Hollywood secret:  Never shampoo your hair!!  Shampoos contain sulfates (salt) and strip your hair of precious natural oils.  Look for a cleansing conditioner, or better yet, if you already have a favorite conditioner, use it like you would a shampoo.  Your hair won't foam up, that's okay.  Rinse and condition like normal.  Try it for a week, you'll see a difference.  Then stop shampooing your hair for good.

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