Friday, June 10, 2016

What to Wear to Your Daughter's Graduation

Graduation Day

It's a BIG DEAL, sitting, squished between parents/grandparents, in the bleachers (comfortably?) for an hour and a half, taking pictures FOR POSTERITY, then going for a BIG meal ('cus...come on, you haven't eaten for the whole day, right?)

We made it!!!  That's her, on the left, horning in. ;)  First, let me say how proud I am of my straight A daughter, so excuse my puffy eyes, crying will do that.

Plain black sheath dress is so easy to accessorize to your personality (and all day comfortable).  I am using the column rule here with contrasting colors.  Black dress, contrasting color cardigan, which in this case is a sheer silk kimono.  Black sheath dress is old, I bought it a while back and hemmed it, but I see that it's time for a little longer length.  Little silk kimono is from swear...and inexpensive!  I was looking for a lightweight cover and looked online under "Kimono Cardigan" and a slew of choices popped up!!!  Shoes by Aldo.

So Proud.