Thursday, June 9, 2016

Striped Shirt White Shorts


The closer it gets to Fourth of July, the striped shirts come out...

Striped shirts are classic.  
The little white shorts with the scallop edge keeps it from being boring.  

Crossbody bag from Coach and patent leather shoes (old) from Steve Madden.

...and now for a Hollywood Secret: Everyone know about teeth whitening, but here's a little extra special pop that actress' and public speakers use all the time.  It's red toothpaste.  Yes, red toothpaste.  It does not stain your teeth, it does stain your gums making your teeth and smile POP!  It's great if you are going to have pictures taken or you have teeth sensitivity and can't use the whitening strips.  It lasts A LONG TIME.  It's called Email Diamant Red Toothpaste, and you can find it on-line.

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