Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Evening Cocktail Party

It's cool in the evening

A light shawl, in this case a kimono, was needed to provide a little coverage and warmth.

I am in love with the kimono look and found this one on-line.  There are lots of styles and colors, I ordered a large and could have gone up a size.  This is going to be the Summer of 2016 look for me...easy and comfortable.

Off-white cotton tank top is from Target ($8, super soft and easily replaced every season).  I buy the tank tops in white, black, and grey.  Shorts are Maison Jules from Macy's (  I got them because they were a little nicer than plain ones.  It has pockets that I cut out and sewed up to reduce bulk...cut them out, you don't need them!!

Necklace is a black sapphire necklace (old), but I chose to wear it because it sparkles and to pick up the black in the kimono...and because it was a party.


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  1. Dress you have selected for party is really superb. My friend is organizing a party at local LA venues and need dress ideas for that. Want to look my best. Want to buy something comfortable, good looking and easy to carry.