Thursday, June 2, 2016

Casual Lunch Date

Lunch with an Old Friend

It's summer, right?  Well, it's cold at the beach and hard to gauge the temperature away from the marine layer.

But, it's summer, right?!  Time to pull out those shorts, but I need a tan... and a sweater!

Until I don't need a sweater...

The blue gingham shirt is from Macy's by Maison Jules.  White shorts from Old Navy (Hollywood secret: cut out the pockets, because they add unnecessary bulk, and sew them up).  Old belt from the Gap.  Old shoes from Aldo.  Purse by Coach.

My legs are pasty white, so it's time for leg make-up.  Yes.  Leg make-up.  At least until summer shines it's bountiful light on them.  If you have time and the inclination, a secret is to put on your self tanner in the evening and then let it tan overnight.  In the morning, you can shower off the excess before dressing.  I'm last minute, so make-up.

It took awhile to get the blending down.  A make-up artist gave me a large, fat make-up brush to help blend and that made all the difference in the world by swirling little circles until the streaks went away.  

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